Blue “DANCING DOLPHINS” silk scarf


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A handmade silk scarf in light blue colors.

Made from 100% pure silk in the village of silk in Europe, Soufli.

Here are our Product details:
Fabric : Crepe Satin 16m/m
Dimension : 45cm x 170cm
Print : Digital
Finished : by hand

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The dolphin was the sacred animal of God Apollo.
According to Honer, God Apollo built his temple in Delfi,
an area located in the foothills of the mountain Parnassos.
The mountain was guarded by a dragon named Python.
But, after battling God Apollo beat him and built his temple there.
The Temple of God Apollo in Delfi, was thought to be the centre of the world.

We design beautiful silk scarves.
Ancient Greece is our inspiration!

This collection is part of the Dolphins in waves.
Our silk products are handmade and printed.
We design and create in our factory located in Greece, Soufli.
We ship all over the world.

These accessories are created with digital printed pattern then hand finished.
We focus on our quality which includes rich textures and exquisite details.

Our workshop has an expertise in silk products for more than 90 years!
All these years, we work to maintain the quality of products high.

Our silk scarves are inspired by traditional and modern design.
Created and designed in Greece in a region called Soufli, famous for its silks.

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