Yellow silk square scarf in dress line


100% silk scarf for women. With digital printed pattern then hand finished.
Elegant pattern from our new collection. Rich textures and exquisite details.
Worth seeing all our designs.

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100% pure silk scarf, made in the famous town of silk in Europe, Soufli.

The weave of the scarf is crepe satin with 16mm thickness. It is finished by hand by

experienced workers in our region with dimensions of 140cmx140cm

It is a product made from thread that is produced by the silkworm, which feeds only on
berry leaves, and its care belongs in natural products, not artificial. Thereafter, it is washed
by hand with liquid soap, it dries in a shadowy place and it is ironed damp with a hot iron.

It can be worn around the neck, giving a colored tone in each outfit.

Beacause of the pure silk, it is friendly on skin, while keeping you warm in the winter and

cooling you down in the summer.

It stands out because it brings out colours and designs from Ancient Greeks, who founded
the evolution of people with their knowledge, form medicine to the universe.
Our products, which come in a variety of colours, accentuate each one’s personal style.
There may be some colour differentiation between the photo and the product.

The Victory of Samothrace is considered one of the
masterpieces of Greek art. It represents the moment of
the goddess landing, just before she stands on the bow
of the ship, against the strong wind that causes her
garments to flutter. Even today, it is considered one of
the five best statues in the world.

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